Thermal Spray

 Top-Notch Thermal Spraying Services

The experienced crew at Prep Rite is your best bet if you need metalizing or thermal spraying services to refinish any metal surface. What's more? We offer mobile thermal spraying services too.

The highly trained technicians at our locally operated business use electric arc spraying, combustion powder spraying, and combustion wire spraying methods to refinish metal surfaces.

Our professionals strive to maintain top-quality standards on all metal finishing projects and GUARANTEE that you'll be satisfied once the project is complete. 
Thermal Spray

Discover the Benefits of Metalized Coatings

  • Effective insulation
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Anodic protection of metal surfaces
  • Stronger adhesive properties than painted finishes
  • Lasts longer than painted surfaces
  • Can be sprayed on pure metals and alloys
  • Metalized surfaces are not subject to degradation
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